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Landed in London

on July 23, 2012

Daddy and Elissa (8), settle in for the trans-Atlantic flight.

Our flight from Ottawa to London would definitely be deemed a “smashing” success (yes, I’m trying to start using London lingo!).

My husband, Ian and I were intrigued to see how the red-eye flight would play out with our two young daughters. As we had hoped, both of them ended up sleeping for four or five hours – as did Mom and Dad. So we were all in decent shape energy-wise when we landed at Heathrow Airport just after 11 a.m. local time (or should I say 11:00 hours – the 24-hour clock is utilized here).

Jet-lag is a strange beast though – it did catch up with Lily on our first night when she went to bed early (19:00) only to awaken two hours later in a sweaty snit of a mood. For the next three hours, she snacked and played computer games before she was finally ready to come back to bed.

Elissa was pretty excited about her first double-decker bus ride in London.

We all slept in till 10:00 on our first full day in London, which ended up being a true transitional day. The jet-lag came back to bite Lily once again that afternoon when she got extremely fussy on a short walk from the flat, necessitating a double-decker bus ride right back to our starting point. The day definitely ended on a high note for Ian and I, however, as we had the chance to see our long-time friends Kim & Brandon Hollywood and their two little girls. Nothing says “Welcome to London” better than two smiling friends with waiting glasses of Pimms!

Day #2

I couldn’t think of a better way to start the day than a cappuccino overlooking the Thames River; we are very blessed to be using Grandma & Grandpa’s beautiful flat as our ‘home base’ while in London.

Morning coffee overlooking the Thames River.


It seems we’ve brought the sun with us from Ottawa; it’s been sunny and warm since we arrived, with not a drop of rain in sight. We decided the conditions were perfect for taking in some sights.

Two double-decker bus rides brought us to Buckingham Palace, where the Queen ushered us in for high tea. Well, not quite…but we did get some cute shots of the girls; we will have to plan our return trip to see the changing of the guard.

Our daughter, Elissa, had read all about Big Ben in her kids’ travel guide to London so she was excited to see the real thing.

A short walk later and we were admiring Big Ben, followed by some obligatory playtime in the classic, red phone booths. We made it to Trafalgar Square, which was not much of a stopping point as it was cordoned off – assumably in preparation for some Olympic festivities. So no pigeon-taming for us today.

After about five hours of tourist wanderings, we were all happy to come back to the flat and relax before ordering yummy Indian food for dinner.

So far, Lily has definitely been most affected by the jet lag, though it may rear its ugly head again in the next day or two. I’ve noticed that I’ve been hungry at odd times, despite doing my best to switch over to UK meal times; I suppose that’s jet lag’s effect on me.

Five hours of sight-seeing took its toll on four-year-old Lily, who passed out en route back to the flat.

Tomorrow promises to be another very warm day; my hoodie and raincoat are feeling a bit like wasted real estate in the suitcase right now, but you certainly won’t hear me complaining! I know the Brits are overjoyed to say farewell to the constant rain – at least for a little while.

One response to “Landed in London

  1. Heather says:

    Oh, I have been thinking of you guys! Great post, by the way. Love the pictures and the London dialogue!

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