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Brushstrokes in Barrhaven

on February 27, 2013

By Stefania Moffatt, Contributing Blogger

The butterfly piece that my youngest daughter presented to her sister on Christmas Day.

The butterfly piece that my youngest daughter presented to her sister on Christmas Day.

Nestled in the suburb of Barrhaven is Creative Ceramics Studio & Gifts. I’m always looking for fun ways for my two girls to express themselves. They love creative outlets such as dance and art. I love that this studio is local and offers a great experience at any age.On our first visit to the studio the owner, Sandra, welcomed us and took us to the basement of her home where she has various paints and ceramic pieces on display. My daughter picked out a butterfly to paint. Neither my daughter nor I had ever done this kind of art, but Sandra was a patient and excellent teacher and guided us through the process. Sadly, the ceramic piece that my daughter worked on had a hairline crack when it was fired (a baking process in a kiln), which happens in a tiny percentage of pieces. Sandra immediately offered to let my daughter paint another butterfly. The butterfly made a beautiful Christmas gift for my older daughter, which is now on display in her bedroom.

We returned a couple of weeks later for the same daughter to work on a coffee mug for my husband and then I brought both kids for a Christmas workshop to roll out dough and use cookie cutters to make Christmas ornaments. These made delightful Christmas gifts for family members.

Back view of the butterfly ceramic creation.

Back view of the butterfly ceramic creation.

I returned to Creative Ceramics in secret to work on a piece for my youngest daughter. I was nervous at first working on the precise details of the bear, but Sandra was ever so helpful. I worked on my piece during the evening when Sandra holds workshop hours. There was a lively bunch of women who kept me entertained throughout the night, which was a great way to spend a winter night.We returned to Creative Ceramics on Family Day in February. Sandra was offering a great deal – kids could paint a piece for $15. This included the ceramic piece, paints and even a snack. I took both my daughters. The oldest selected a piece for a friend’s birthday (what a great keepsake) and my youngest selected a piece for her grandmother for Mother’s Day (always thinking ahead). Both pieces turned out beautifully. As always, Sandra was patient and fun.

I highly recommend Creative Ceramics for a fun, creative experience that’s inexpensive. The end result is a ceramic piece that will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come.

One response to “Brushstrokes in Barrhaven

  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much Stefania for the kind words! It was my pleasure to be part of your family activities.

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