The Mother of Adventure

The Princess Parade

on May 7, 2013

BelleOnce upon a time, there was a sweet little girl named Lily who adored ‘Belle,’ the character from the classic Disney film, Beauty & the Beast. This little girl was lucky enough to have a mommy, Melissa, who loved her SO much that she threw her not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties when she turned five – just so she could include her many friends and family members.

By the time the third party rolled around, Melissa was getting a bit tired. Rightly so…have YOU ever thrown three parties (for five-year-olds!) in a single weekend? No, me neither; it’s the stuff of an Extreme Supermom.

Before party #3, Melissa was thinking, “No problem…I’ve got this one in the bag.” You see, being the very thoughtful and generous mother that she is, Melissa had planned ahead and booked a special visit from Belle via Fantasy Fables. The plan was for Belle to entertain the kids for 80 minutes – talking to them, doing their nails and taking pictures with each guest. This would give Melissa a well-deserved break as she passed the party baton along to the princess.

So on a sunny Sunday afternoon, Lily’s tiny guests arrived – all 14 of them (did I mention that they are five-year-olds??). The kids piled into the backyard – hanging from the play structure and talking excitedly – eagerly awaiting their Disney heroine’s arrival.

But Belle’s arrival time came…and went. An extra half-hour passed, and still no Belle. After close to an hour had gone by, Melissa decided to call Fantasy Fables to see what the deal was. The reply was, “Belle has been rear-ended. She is very shaken and will not be able to attend the party.”

While she was sympathetic to Belle’s unfortunate fender-bender, Melissa was also a bit baffled. “What about my daughter’s party?” she wondered. The company offered that an alternate princess could be sent in Belle’s place – but told Melissa that she would not arrive for at least another hour. This would mean that the guest of honour would arrive approximately 10 minutes from the scheduled end time of the party – when 14 sets of parents were arriving to reclaim their children. No dice.

So what’s a mom to do? More than a dozen little girls to entertain – and a total bail by Belle (from here on in referred to as ‘BBB’).

Princess paradeWell, this particular Supermom was not about to be phased by the BBB – she rolled up her sleeves and gave each and every one of those little girls a party to remember. Melissa pulled out make-up and nail polish, and gave ‘makeovers’ to the little girls. Then – get this – she dug out exactly 14 princess party dresses to outfit all of her little guests (seriously…who has that many little dresses??!? Amazing!).

But the pièce de résistance was the Princess Parade. With little Lily in the lead, those beautiful little girls waltzed right around the neighbourhood in their sparkly gowns, offering the cutest of princess waves to anyone that they happened to meet along the way. Without a doubt, Supermom saved the day.

Melissa and LilySeveral days and many frustrating phone calls later, Fantasy Fables finally redeemed themselves; they sent Belle to have a private visit with Lily. At long last, the birthday girl got her wish – she had the chance to hang out with her fairy-tale heroine. For a five-year-old girl, it was a dream come true; Lily will surely remember seeing Belle for years to come.

But what will last longer – and ring truer – is the warmth and love she received around her special day, despite the party not going off as planned. Because all of the pretty Disney princesses in the world can’t compete with a mother’s love for her little girl. For that is what truly makes her feel like royalty.

2 responses to “The Princess Parade

  1. Heather says:

    Motherhood = creativity, unconditional love and endless patience. Bravo to all mother’s out there! Happy Mother’s Day!

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