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What’s on Buster’s wish list?

on November 12, 2013

Kitten under treeWith Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to make that shopping list, take a deep breath and hit the mall (or maybe just stay home in your PJs and order everything online, therefore preserving precious sanity).

At our house, the kids are definitely looking forward to the surprises that Santa might bring (at least our six-year-old is; the nine-year-old is wise to us already!). While I’m already in the early stages of shopping for the kids, it recently struck me that there is a new family member I might need to buy for – the cat.

‘Buster’ joined our family on Christmas morning last year – he was a surprise gift for the kids, and I had arranged a special delivery from the Ottawa Humane Society. Our furry friend was immediately and fully adopted by our girls, who spend a good part of each day cuddling with Buster, talking about Buster and looking for Buster (who, quite frankly, sometimes hides as it’s all just a bit much…wouldn’t you?!?).

This year, I’m thinking it might be fun to surprise Buster with a couple of small gifts. (Now you should know that when I say I want to surprise Buster, it’s really just another off-shoot of presents for the kids. Because let’s be realistic – Buster would be ‘surprised’ if I threw a twist-tie on the floor or gave him a couple of plastic Loblaws bags.)

DJ CatIn any case, I did a bit of online window-shopping and was surprised to find some pretty cute things for cats – like this DJ Cat Scratch Turntable. Busta-B’s in the hauuuse…you know what I’m sayin’ to ya??

Perhaps your cat is more the intellectual type, and aspires to higher things than scratching tunes at the club. That’s right – Buster’s ambitions are literally sky-high – the fuzzy fellow wants to be the pilot of a P-47 Thunderbolt, America’s classic fighter-bomber plane!

MeowstardI also enjoyed the marketing prowess (yes, I just heard it) behind this bottle of ‘Meowstard,’ a nutritional condiment for dry cat food. Check the label…has anyone told French’s about this one?? Super cute packaging!

So there you have it…some fun ideas for the cat prince of your household, should you chose to extend the festivities of the Christmas season to him.

Now as for dogs, guinea pigs and iguanas…I don’t even know where to start. What about you – are you going to buy your pet a Christmas gift?

2 responses to “What’s on Buster’s wish list?

  1. Meredith says:

    Ha! I laughed out loud at the twist tie turn of phrase. Well written!

  2. Heather says:

    Busta’s in the house! So hilarious! We bought our cat a $3 bit of clothe filled with catnip and you would think we dropped each cat a line of cocaine. They went insane!!! Loved this blog! Thanks for the laughs!

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