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Kenya…and a little bit of Jerusalem

on November 20, 2013

Kenya 3D posterWhen Ian got four free passes to see Kenya 3D: Animal Kingdom at the IMAX theatre in Hull, the kids and I were thrilled that he chose us to go with him (hmm…perhaps he even had us in mind when he took the passes?). We often liken our kids to animals in the wild, so it seemed the subject matter was the perfect fit.

Going in, I wasn’t 100 per cent certain that I could name every animal indigenous to Kenya, but I felt pretty confident that I could make some educated guesses. So imagine my surprise and confusion when the movie started out by talking about how Jews, Christians and Muslims alike converge on a tiny piece of land. (Wait a minute…what about the monkeys? I was sure there would be monkeys!)

Clearly, the staff had queued up the wrong movie – we were watching Jerusalem – and let me tell you, our kids were not amused; Elissa sat there for 10 minutes with her arms folded and a big scowl on her face. Happily, they quickly corrected the mistake and Kenya 3D: Animal Kingdom was off and running – smiles all around.

The three things I love most about IMAX movies is that they’re short, educational and are always beautifully filmed – making many of them perfect for kids. Kenya 3D is no exception – it runs for 40 minutes and features some incredible animal footage, focusing on lions, elephants, leopards and black rhinos – as well as giraffe, hippos and cheetahs.

It’s hard not to glean at least a few new pieces of information during an IMAX movie. So I’ll leave you today with a few random, animal facts that I took away from Kenya 3D: Animal Kingdom:

  • Some people believe that rhino horns have medicinal properties, which is one of the reasons they have been overhunted and are now endangered;
  • Cheetahs have incredible eyesight; they will pick their victim out of the herd from a distance and stalk that one animal;
  • Giraffes have tongues that are nearly two feet long.
  • Hippos are very strange and ugly animals (OK, that last one is less fact and more personal opinion).

One response to “Kenya…and a little bit of Jerusalem

  1. Cathy says:

    hahah funny – I can picture Elissa 😉 btw I agree with you about hippos – I’ve always found them a bit creepy!!

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