The Mother of Adventure

Warp speed

on November 21, 2013

ClockSo I have a question…how the heck did it get to be November 21??

This seems to happen to me every year – I *swear* that time actually speeds up right after Halloween. It really would be an interesting area of study for those researching the time-space continuum. I mean, everything goes along as normal in the early fall; I’m living my life, it’s status quo. Then suddenly…WHAM! It’s almost Christmas…and am I ready? Not even remotely.

I often have these good-intentioned moments throughout the year when I think about Christmas. I’ll be at the hair salon in say, mid-July, and I’ll fondly think, “Wow, I LOVE my hairdresser. She really is the greatest.” (And if you’re thinking this sounds hokey, you really must meet my hairdresser! She totally rocks.) And my next thought is, “This year, I’m going to remember to give her a Christmas present.”

At that point, I drift into a sweet daydream where I’m giving my hairdresser, the kids’ pediatrician, our crossing guard, my neighbours – hey, even stray dogs on the street – these wonderful, homemade gifts. In my mind’s eye, I have little bags of handmade fudge, artfully wrapped (with my own, eco-friendly wrapping paper) and topped with a beautiful, hand-crafted Christmas ornament.

Fast-forward to oh, say November 21 – to throw out a random date – and I’m sitting glassy-eyed at my computer thinking, “Crap…if only I had started getting organized last July, I might have had a glimmering hope of doing all that I wanted to do!”

Keep calmI’m not stressed…yet, anyway. But I do feel I’m at a critical junction where I need to get this show on the road. Making a to-do list is the first thing I always do when I want to get things organized.

I went to Google and typed in ‘getting organized for Christmas’ to see if there are any helpful, online tools. There are, but most of them annoyingly start out with, ‘Things to do 3-6 months before Christmas.’ Pah-leeze, people…if I had actually taken action after my daydream in July, I wouldn’t be IN this mess!

A little more searching and I came upon this post about how to Get Organized for the Holidays. What I like about Michele Connolly’s approach is that she clearly embraces the good old ‘K.I.S.S.’ approach; that is, ‘Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.’ Her suggestions resonate with doing less, buying less and, more importantly, stressing less. She even links to a free, printable Christmas to-do list.

So if you don’t get a perfect-looking, handcrafted present from me this Christmas, please don’t take it personally. I promise that next July – when I think of you, along with my veterinarian and the paper boy – I’ll write your name down. And someday – some sweet, sweet day – I’ll make you that fudge.

3 responses to “Warp speed

  1. Don’t forget your readers and occasional comment leavers. I love fudge and I’m local. That’s Geoff with a “G”, you know – for the gift tag.

  2. Tell you what…you keep following and commenting till NEXT Christmas, and I’ll make sure you’re on the fudge list! Deal?? 🙂

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