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My big, fat Greek Christmas-decorating party

on November 25, 2013

Pita & hummusNothing quite says Christmas like an order of Greek gyros and hummus, am I right??

OK, so maybe it wasn’t exactly an old family recipe, but Ian and I were in the mood for Greek food last weekend. Naturally, we went back to our fave spot – Greek on Wheels.

Now I’m probably opening myself up to more reader comments on the best Greek food in Ottawa (bring ’em on!), but to us, Greek on Wheels takes the cake – hands down. In fact, when we first got married, Ian and I actually had the downtown location of Greek on Wheels on our speed dial (now that’s love!).

Tree timeLast week, I wrote about how I’m feeling a bit unprepared for Christmas. So I decided to jump-start the Christmas spirit, and no better way to do so than to put up the tree!

At nine and six, our girls are at such great ages to help with the decorating; they really got into it. After we’d finished our Greek feast, we all got into our comfiest, most Christmas-y PJs and pulled out the decorations.

I find it so cute how the kids put the decorations on the tree; they grab one box of decorations and hang a whole bunch of them, one right next to another. The end result is a small, concentrated area of red balls, or a tight cluster of sparkly pine cones. I just don’t have the heart to openly criticize – nor do I want to shoo them away from the tree because I don’t like their choice of decorating. But I have to admit that – once they’re all done – I make some subtle shifts to balance out the ornaments.

RudolphWe have a couple of inexpensive Santa hats and a red, blinking nose that have lasted an amazingly long time. Every year, as we decorate, those items come out and get rediscovered by the kids. Combined with our homemade medley of Christmas songs (you can sometimes catch me belting out the lyrics to Boney M’s Feliz Navidad – it’s just so catchy!), we create our own, unique festive spirit in the house.

It’s the party of the year – and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

4 responses to “My big, fat Greek Christmas-decorating party

  1. Heather Toews says:

    So cute! These are the family traditions that your girls will remember for many years to come! Enjoy!

  2. I wouldn’t say I was a scrooge before we had out daughter but Christmas has become about 30 million times more fun since she came along. Her excitement is like crack cocaine – highly addictive. Love passing on my and my wife’s families’ traditions and, best of all, creating our own.

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