The Mother of Adventure


on December 8, 2013

Unicorn poop*Warning: If you’re not a fan of bathroom humour, you may wish to skip this post!*

Lately I’ve had the lofty notion in my head that I’d like to make some edible, Christmas gifts for friends. You know – fudge, gingerbread cookies, caramel corn…all of those lovely, heart-warming, delicious goodies that one associates with Christmas.

Now there’s my friends, and then there’s friends of my daughters; it struck me that it might be nice for them to give a little something to a few of their favourite chums from school. So naturally, when I heard about Unicorn Poop, I thought it was the perfect gift idea!

Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but I hadn’t heard about ‘Unicorn Poop’ until recently. Apparently it’s not a new thing, but a popular trend of making swirly, rainbow-coloured cookies that look strikingly like…well, poop.

If you have kids, you must know how anything with a potty theme has huge appeal, so I knew right away that I had to try this. With Christmas on the brain, however, I decided to put my own twist on the recipe, however, and make it “Reindeer Poop” instead!

Stinky poopSo today, along with one of my best girlfriends and her two kids, we embarked on a poop-making party! I had emailed my friend about it, since she is equally crafty and always up for trying out some fun, new activity. I asked her if she would provide the glitter and the food colouring, and I would handle the rest (it’s essentially a sugar-cookie recipe). Apparently I wasn’t totally clear, however, since she texted me on her way over asking, “Is the poop meant to be eaten?” It was the first in many memorable, poop-related quotes that would crop up through the course of the afternoon.

I followed the recipe, which was simple enough. After the sugar-cookie dough is ready, you need to divide your dough and add your food colouring; I had decided to add red and green to make it reindeer themed (Hey Rudolph – I think I have something that belongs to you!!). I have to say that the red “poop” required a disturbing amount of food colouring; it was light pink, it was medium pink, it was dark pink…finally, I got red. Like a container of food colouring later…and I don’t think that stuff is super-healthy for you (so watch your level of poop consumption, will you??).

The dough had to chill for an hour, then we set the kids up to roll out their colours in thin, little snakes (I know…the analogy just keeps going, right??). I found myself reading aloud to the kids from the online instructions, saying things like, “The size of your poop depends on the size of your unicorn” (or in our case, reindeer!).

CookiesThree hours later, the moms had consumed a large amount of coffee, the kids had played their little hearts out, and our cookie tray came out of the oven with some fresh, steaming reindeer turds.

They turned out OK – they do look somewhat turd-like, if you allow your mind to go there – and they tasted as good as any sugar cookie. But in the end, I’m not sure I’ll be replicating this highly-involved effort for all of my kids’ friends – it might be an occasional adventure at home, instead.

In any case, it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the kids. I think a crappy time was had by all!

4 responses to “Poop-a-licious

  1. They look much more appetizing than the “Geoffy Poop” I make and which neither my daughter nor her friends are interested in sampling…

  2. Meredith says:

    Ha. Nice! What a crappy post. 😉

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