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Dance like a six-year-old

on December 10, 2013

LilyWith Christmas inching ever nearer, I’m a mix of emotions these days.

I’m excited – I truly love this season, both for its religious significance and the precious, family time it brings. But like so many other Christmas “victims,” I think I tend to get a bit caught up in the details. Between the Christmas cards, gift buying, concerts (at school and at church), baking, parties and travel arrangements, it can be enough to make my head spin. Throw in a few simultaneous work deadlines and a couple of dental appointments for the kids, and my “Christmas spirit” is suddenly nowhere to be found.

But today, I glimpsed a couple of lovely, catch-your-breath-and-make-your-heart-stop moments that brought it all back again. The first was simply the sun. After a very dreary weather day yesterday – which included a 90-minute car trip that should have taken 20 – today was a total breath of fresh air. The sun broke through the clouds and shone gloriously down on this morning’s freshly-fallen snow, making it a “sunglasses mandatory” type of afternoon. Awesome.

Later on, however, I lost the wind in my sails as I sat in yet another dentist’s office – waiting for yet another consult for my “dentally-anxious” six-year-old. (As an aside, why do dentists make appointments? I mean, they could just set a “suggested” time and say let’s give or take 45 minutes, couldn’t they? Where are we…Africa?? Just saying…I had a bit of a Seinfeld-makes-a-car-reservation type experience today.) Anyway, nothing like a dental appointment to bring you down…the dentist tells me they need to do this, that and the other thing…and oh, by the way, you’d better start saving for orthodontics – we can already tell she’ll need ’em! (Super stuff, Mr. Dentist. It’s not like I ever wanted to have any excess cash in my bank account, anyway. Here…why don’t I just give you my debit card??)

Finally back at home, but hubs is working late, which leaves me on dinner, dishes, homework, keyboard, bathtime and bed patrol. But wait…what’s this? My six-year-old has turned on our old CD of favourite Christmas tunes, and is rocking out to Band-Aid. This I just can’t miss. I drop whatever lame-ass chore I’m in the middle of and head to the living room to settle on the couch and watch…but she just won’t let me sit down. “Dance with me! Spin me around!” she calls out, grinning impishly with her crooked, cavity-infested smile.

I can’t resist her…I never could. I hold her little hands and we dance crazily and spin in circles, till her centrifugally-challenged mom feels dizzy and has to sit down on the carpet. She keeps going, changing songs and dancing in her own untrained, silly way. She climbs on me, showing off her favourite dinosaur shirt and pretending she’s grown taller by standing on me. I pull her close; I squeeze her and smell her hair till she giggles and resists. This is what matters…this is Christmas.

3 responses to “Dance like a six-year-old

  1. So many things to comment about…Your daughter is beautiful, I’ll start with that. Also, the only times I would dance would be at weddings and only if I had imbibed to near blindness. Suddenly, we have this little girl and I couldn’t stop dancing – we would dance at the deli counter at Loblaws while waiting for our Tuscany ham to be sliced, in Lee Valley Tools waiting for our number to be called, and to quote to skinny English dudes, we were dancing in the streets. But, my fondest memories are dancing to Christmas songs behind the Christmas tree we were decorating. As always, a great post.

  2. Heather says:

    Oh! Merry Christmas, to all those dancing 6 year olds and their Moms! Another amazing post!

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