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Let your light shine

on December 16, 2013

burning_oil_lampA couple of weeks ago, I was walking my two young daughters home from school. As usual, the walk was filled with all sorts of animated stories and tidbits from the day that was, and I was eagerly listening to it all.

In the midst of hearing about the latest in playground politics and quiz scores, my nine-year-old suddenly asked, “Hey Mom – do you want to know what my favourite Bible verse is?” Pleasantly surprised, I prompted her to go ahead. “”No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or hides it under a bed,” quoted Elissa. “A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house.”

I was touched. We’re not exactly a scripture-quoting family, but Christianity is central for both my husband and myself, and this was one of the first times I could see that it was really resonating with Elissa, too. I also love that her favourite verse – taken from Luke 8:16 – is such a beautiful metaphor; for all the cryptic, debateable passages in the Bible, this one is pretty darn clear: Share life’s goodness with those around you.

I was reflecting on Elissa’s verse when our family took a trip to Upper Canada Village for the Alight at Night Festival. We were all a bit tired and cranky leaving the house that evening, and the hour-long car trip to Morrisburg was a bit daunting. But I’m so glad we went.

When we stepped out into the crisp winter night, we noticed something right away – it was so still. It was so peaceful and relaxing to be transported out into the country that evening; I could literally feel the stress of the day melt away.

Out of the darkness, the first glimpse of beautiful lights made us collectively catch our breath. We took a wagon ride around the entire village, and our jovial driver, Pete, invited our girls to take turns riding on the front bench with him to get a closer look at the horses. What a charming, down-to-earth country gentleman he was – chatting with our six-year-old about her love of ponies.

ChurchAfter a stop for old-fashioned cinnamon buns and hot chocolate, we watched a very cool musical lights show, where the lights were synchronized with several Christmas songs. Finally, we stopped in at a quaint little church, where a young woman and a pianist were leading visitors in a caroling session. The church, bathed in blue lights, looked so beautiful and serene against the dark sky.

I realized that it was exactly one year ago today that I posted about Ottawa’s Taffy Lane, and how our family’s visit there caused my husband and I to reflect on the effects of the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

There are certain moments in life that cause you to just step back – waaay back – to take inventory of what is important in life. I know that Connecticut was one of those moments that – for me, was a reminder of what an incredible impact every one of us has on those around us.

This Christmas season – and in the year ahead – in those inevitable dark moments that life brings, I hope that I can offer up just a little bit of light.

3 responses to “Let your light shine

  1. I love Elissa’s favorite bible verse! Thanks to your entire family and your blog for all the light, joy and humor you have shared this past year! Much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for sharing Sonia. You were the ones who introduced us to Taffy Lane with that post last year — and we’ll be heading there again this year! i think we’ll wait a little bit longer for UPV; at least until Jimmy can stay awake long enough to make the drive and see the lights too 🙂

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