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Party favours (Ottawa Citizen)

on December 28, 2013

11536207.JPGAs the food editor for Ottawa at Home magazine, Paula Roy clearly knows her way around the kitchen. Her blog site, Constantly Cooking, is one of my go-to spots for cooking and baking ideas. So when it came to writing about edible gifts for the holidays, it was just common sense to talk to the Kitchen Queen herself…and she didn’t disappoint!

If you need a quick and tasty treat to take to that holiday dinner, check out her great ideas in this Ottawa Citizen feature article, Party favours, printed in the Dec. 19, 2013 issue.

Sworn off sweets after over-indulging this Christmas? Be sure to bookmark these recipes for next year – the chocolate-covered pretzels are not to be missed!

2 responses to “Party favours (Ottawa Citizen)

  1. I can not WAIT to try out making my own vanilla! And the vanilla sugar! Mmmmm… Sounds delicious! Thank-you Sonia and Paula Roy for the great tips which I will find use for year round!

  2. […] read an amazing article on fellow blogger, Sonia Mendes’ site, “The Mother of Adventure.“  Sonia is also a freelance writer for the Ottawa Citizen.  She wrote an article entitled […]

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