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Smooth operator

on January 3, 2014

SadeI have a confession to make…every time I make a smoothie, that old 80s song, ‘Smooth Operator,’ pops into my head.

Do you remember the one? I actually looked up the video today, since the obscure tune kept spinning in my brain. I think today might be the first time I’ve ever actually seen the video – performed by Sade – and let’s just say I wasn’t missing much…total cheese. You know you’re stuck in 1984 when they have the obligatory shot of a lounge singer reflected in a man’s mirrored sunglasses…good times.

But I digress…the song came to me this morning because I have officially revived the tradition of the morning smoothie!

I’m not new to the smoothie – my husband and I have been making them on and off for a number of years. We were prompted to try them when we first got a Magic Bullet, which I must say is a stellar little smoothie-making device. But a good-quality blender works just fine, too.

SmoothieI want to get back into a morning smoothie routine so that I can kick-start my day with fruits and vegetables. I love that the smoothie allows you to hide stuff that you might not normally consider eating for breakfast.

Take today’s smoothie, for example, which contained the following: kale, blueberries, banana, frozen strawberries, orange juice, Greek yogurt and, to get that lovely, pink colour…half a beet. I may have eaten the fruit component of the smoothie, but I will readily admit that without the veggies being hidden in this delicious concoction, I would never have eaten the veggies. That’s right – I’m not above tricking myself into eating my veggies!

What’s really great about smoothies is that they can be anything you want them to be…throw in some peanut butter and chocolate, and you’ve got a dessert-style smoothie. No recipe required…just throw in what you have available, or cater to whatever tantalizes your taste buds.

What’s your favourite smoothie flavour combo?

3 responses to “Smooth operator

  1. Whatever happened to Sade? She had good enough chops to out sing a saxophone but she seems to have disappeared. (Yes, if you must know, I googled this video and watched it as well.) Good job on self-vegetating. Your body will thank you.

  2. Meredith says:

    I love Sade. At least I did. I’m going to haul out the CD…(or YouTube it:) Thanks for the smoothie inspiration… I’m going to hide some veggies now too!

    • I don’t think Sade was ever on my radar…then again, I was about 9 when they were in the limelight! 😉 Were there any other big hits? Yay for veggies! This morning I enjoyed some beet-apple juice. 🙂

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