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We learn through what we do (Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine)

on March 3, 2014

Montessori quoteWhile the Montessori educational philosophy is not new to me, it was fascinating to delve under the surface and explore the concepts connected to it for a recent feature article in Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine. I had the chance to learn about the inner workings of Ottawa’s oldest Montessori school, and how it benefits the young children attending there today.

Click here to read the online version of ‘We learn through what we do’ as published in the February/March 2014 issue of Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine.

2 responses to “We learn through what we do (Ottawa Parenting Times Magazine)

  1. Was glad when we received the parenting times as an insert in our newspaper a few weeks back and was happy to see your articles. Great job as always. I particularly enjoyed this article on the Montessorri philosophy (one of those “if I had it to do it over again” feelings I sometimes get as a parent), and the one about the woman who chucked in her government job that was eroding her spirit (I’m paraphrasing and probably projecting a bit here) and followed her dreams.

    • Thanks for the feedback on my Parenting Times pieces, Geoff! They were fun ones to write. Yes, Montessori definitely brings some food for thought, although in my experience it comes down to the quality of the staff at each particular school. The Ottawa Montessori School seems like a true gem, however, especially based on strong parent testimonials. As for the government worker, I’d say you nailed it in your comment! 🙂

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