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Spring (clean) fever!

on April 1, 2014

Spring cleaningThe cat sat there looking at me like I’d lost my mind.

I can’t say I blame him – it’s not too often that I can be found up on a step stool doing my most dreaded of household tasks – cleaning the blinds. But there’s something about the start of spring – and the turning of the calendar page over to April – that inspires me to tackle some of those nitty-gritty, deep-clean jobs that get put off for months.

Admittedly, the onset of allergy season is a good catalyst to get me cleaning, too. I’m sure it’s mostly out of my control, but I’m still looking around at everything in the hopes of minimizing my recent violent sneeze-fits – and the blinds are on the culprit list.

Typically, I’m a huge proponent of the “green clean” – I don’t think you need to spray and rub a ton of harmful chemicals all over your house to get it clean. I also try to minimize the number of disposable products – like paper towels – that I use while cleaning, opting for re-useable rags instead.

But there are exceptions to every rule; if you’ve ever tried cleaning blinds, you already know what a royal pain in the rump it can be. There’s the bathtub method…but seriously – who wants to take those things down (I had mine professionally installed in the first place) and then wrestle around with them in the tub? I’ve got one word for that: Awwwwk-ward! Nor am I in the financial position to pay a professional service to remove them, clean them and re-install them (insert lottery fantasy here…).

Young woman looking through windowSo I’ve found my own secret weapon when it comes to cleaning blinds – baby wipes! I discovered these little gems were ideal for the job back when I was buying them for their primary purpose. Happily, it’s been a long while since those toilet-training days – and I certainly don’t buy them often anymore. In fact, it felt a bit strange to wander down the diaper aisle at the grocery store today – kindof like I had stepped back in time. But back at home, I was glad I had them as I shined up the faux wood blinds in our master bedroom.

There’s something rewarding about knocking off a once-in-a-while chore like this; even if it’s not visibly obvious, it contributes to a fresh, clean feeling in the house. What’s on your hit list for spring cleaning – and do you have any “secret weapons” in your arsenal?


9 responses to “Spring (clean) fever!

  1. Melissa says:

    Baby wipes….genius! I don’t have any good spring cleaning tips, but after my recent move I have to say I am now a huge fan of medium- large ziplock baggies for organizing small toys and other kid-related debris.

    • Ahh…smart idea! Stashing them away sure beats stepping on a sharp, plastic toy – or slipping on a crayon and chipping a tooth! 😉 You’re the master of moving, so I’ll take your word for it – can’t wait to see your new digs! 🙂

  2. Tatiana Dokuchic says:

    Love this “off label” use of baby wipes! They also make all of my painting projects a lot easier. I use them to quickly wipe away drips and other mistakes as well as for cleaning up when I’m done.

  3. We just had our windows replaced and decided to get rid of our old blinds (went shopping for new ones and just got the estimate, lost control of my bodily functions, but I digress), so we don’t have any blinds to clean, but if your place is sparkling and you still have the urge to clean, we would be happy to have you over to attack the many other cleaning projects we have. We’re nothing if not generous that way…

    • Blinds are ridiculously expensive, aren’t they??!? Exciting to freshen them up, though! Your offer is *very* tempting Geoff, but I have the feeling this “palace” is going to keep me busy for a long, long while…! 😉

      • Meredith says:

        An unsolicited opinion here…but check out Home Depot. I bought Levelor blinds that you cut to size. SOoo much cheaper than custom and I get quite a few compliments on mine.

  4. Thanks for the advice, Meredith. We actually started at Home Depot but decided that given a bunch of other stuff we are contending with we needed something a little easier so we went to a custom place where we worked with a designer who narrowed an otherwise bewildering amount of choice to something manageable. They did the measuring and will do the installation ( we have quite a lot of windows, so this was important). We knew we would be paying a premium, but didn’t realize just how much easy costs.

  5. You inspired me. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards. It took two weekend mornings – but boy was I ever happy when I was done!

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