The Mother of Adventure

Hop to it!

on April 15, 2014

Bunny placeholderWith Easter around the corner, the girls and I have been crafting up a storm – mostly with simple materials that we already had lying around the house.

The other day, I was about to toss an empty egg carton into the recycling bin when it struck me that it would be great to use for a craft project. I dreamed up this little bunny placeholder – perfect to have sitting at each plate if you’re hosting friends or family for Easter brunch.

This is all you need for materials:

  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Bristol board
  • Non-toxic paints
  • Stickers, googly eyes and markers
  • Glue

Easter bunny templateTo make it easy to put it together, I created a little template (at left) that you’re welcome to print off. Then simply trace it onto your Bristol board, cut out and fold to get your bunny shape. Cut apart the ‘pods’ of the egg carton, and paint as desired. While the kids are waiting for the paint to dry, they can decorate the bunny – it’s easier to do this while it’s lying flat on the table. Once the paint it thoroughly dry, you can glue it to your bunny’s tummy (I used a hot glue gun to get a good hold).

Once your bunny is decorated to perfection, fill his egg-carton basket with some little treats. This makes a great gift for you child to give to a special friend for Easter.

One response to “Hop to it!

  1. Love this use of old egg cartons. I always feel bad throwing them away!

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