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Sound of Light

on August 3, 2014

Family shotThere’s something about bright, beautiful colours in the dark that just never gets old.

Last night, our family headed down to the grounds of the Canadian Museum of History (formerly called the Canadian Museum of Civilization – I’m still trying to get used to that name change!) to take in the Casino du Lac-Leamy Sound of Light show, which runs through August 16.

Now, some people say that “fireworks are fireworks,” but there were a few factors that made this show pretty cool:

The music: Last night’s show was the first of five “pyromusical” presentations – which means fireworks synchronized to an original soundtrack. Our show – which was presented by a group from Hong Kong – was based on popular show tunes – think Greased Lightning and Dancing Queen. Fun!

Museum of History groundsThe location: If you’ve never been behind the Canadian Museum of History, it’s worth a trip. Located right on the edge of the Ottawa River (on the Quebec side), you can look back at downtown Ottawa and see the back of Parliament Hill and the Peace Tower sitting on a high cliff.

The weather: Let’s face it, fireworks are just not any fun in the rain. We almost didn’t go to last night’s show – despite the fact that we had free passes – because there were thunderstorms in the forecast. We watched the radar, and finally grabbed a couple of umbrellas and decided to risk it. It turned out to be the *perfect* night – no rain, no humidity, no bugs – just calm and comfortable.

The drinks: You have to hand it to Quebec – they have alcohol available in situations where Ontario likely would not! After a hot day of landscaping our backyard, a fruit cooler and a lawn chair seemed like a lovely reward. If you’re heading to any of the upcoming shows, be sure to have a few dollars on hand as drinks and food are cash only.

Toy lightThe toys: Normally, I roll my eyes at having to dish out money for little plastic toys, but the light-up wands the girls wanted yesterday ($5 each) turned out to be really cool in the dark – I even captured our mini light show in a few photos (right).

If you decide to check out one of the upcoming shows – featuring presentations by Canada, Portugal and Switzerland (see schedule) – be sure to bring your lawn chairs, as you’ll be a lot more comfortable.

And if you don’t have a lawn chair, please don’t be the moron who stands (yes, STANDS) awkwardly in front of the people sitting in the lawn chairs – like the guy who partially blocked our view, despite my request that he sit down. You can see dummy’s silhouette on one of the fireworks shots below.

Idiots aside, I’d recommend you take a couple of hours to enjoy the Sound of Light fireworks show – it’s a lovely excuse for a relaxed evening outside with your family.

4 responses to “Sound of Light

  1. Melissa says:

    So cool!! Wish I was still in Ottawa to see this…. good advice on the lawn chairs and bringing cash for a drink; a nice beer or cooler sounds awesome for a fireworks show…vive la Quebec!

  2. Wow, how much fun is that! I love fireworks and late night excursions!

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