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Mutant, move-it Monday!

on September 29, 2014

Apple 3Happy Monday, all!

I decided to kick-start this week with a run. Lately, the mornings have been *such* a lovely temperature for running – and the afternoons heat up to a summer-like heat. Great to get the workout in early and set a positive tone for the day.

Typically, I run with my iPod. I get a lot of motivation out of cranking some upbeat tunes – there are certain songs that can totally inspire me to pick up my pace (runner friends – what is your fave running tune??). Today, however, I decided to leave the tunes at home – just to mix it up a little.

It was nice to break from the music and enjoy a quiet run. I found it caused me to focus on my breathing, to be more aware of the rhythm of my feet on the trail and the depth of the oxygen filling my lungs. I tuned in to the sound of the insects humming on the “off road” portion of my run, and noticed the birds sounding their chirpy, morning greetings.

Apple 2Back at home, I’ve got a pile of projects to tackle this week. One of them is deciding what to do with my crabapples – thus the ‘mutant’ reference in the post title! We have a lovely, young apple tree in our backyard, but this year its yield is nothing short of bizarre. There were not a ton of apples, and almost every one has an irregular, lumpy shape to it. Why did they grow like that? Any green thumbs out there that might know?

In addition to their strange shape, some of the apples seem to have been eaten by bugs. But it’s hard to tell, as some of them – when I slice them open have a small, black spot inside but no outside holes – which lead me to believe it’s not bugs after all.

AppleWondering what to do with these weird little fruits…I hate to waste food, so should I just salvage the good parts and bake something up? The unmarred sections taste great – a bit tart, perfect for baking.

A bit disappointed as two summers ago, I had an incredible yield of at least 100 big, perfect crabapples. Now I’m stuck with a bunch of mutants! I’ve got a lot to learn about gardening, so it seems.

7 responses to “Mutant, move-it Monday!

  1. segmation says:

    What nice Autumn colors! Have a great Monday!

  2. Geoff says:

    A very mindful-sounding run. I don’t listen to music when I run, though I think I may start. Been feeling in a bit of a rut with my runs of late. Can’t remember the last time I completed my circuit without stopping. In any case, I have my workout music loaded up on my MP3 (I’m a technological dinosaur and have no iThingies) and it is almost all rock from the 70’s , 80s and 90s. Kepp trucking, Sonia.

    • I am *all* about the 80s and 90s, Geoff! My playlist is a pretty eclectic mix that spans the Beastie Boys, Roxette, Lady Gaga and everything in between. Have you tried doing your circuit in reverse? Or charting a brand-new course? Mix it up! 🙂

      • Geoff says:

        I keep looking for the darn “like” button before realizing I’m not on THAT particular social networking site. I do try to mix it up (as I did today, in fact) but it’s not helping. I’ve scaled back my runs to 5K and will try to hit the gym a couple of times a week.Hope that helps.

        Lady Gaga – good for you. I am so unbelievably out of touch with the music scene since roughly the turn of the century. I’m turning into my dad after swearing all those years that I wouldn’t…

        Hope you have a good week, Sonia.

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