The Mother of Adventure

Taking the ‘alternative family’ mainstream (Parenting Times magazine)

on October 8, 2014

fall-2014-feature-1When my two daughters were very young, I recall several situations where a complete stranger would blatantly look at the kids, then look at me, then look back at the kids. More than once, I was asked, “Are they yours??

When I answered that yes, indeed they were my children, another awkwardly inappropriate comment would usually follow. One woman abruptly said, “Oh!! Your husband must be very dark.” In exasperation, I replied, “Yes, he’s Indian and Portuguese, if you must know.” (Inwardly thinking, “Are you happy now? And are you *seriously* so socially inept that you’re asking a complete stranger these questions??).

These memories came back to me last summer, when I was interviewing Ottawa author Stephanie Kain about Emlyn and the Gremlin, her brand-new children’s book about a little girl who has two moms. As a new mother with a same-sex spouse, Kain is no stranger to awkward questions from strangers (I’m sure she has endured many more of them than I have!).

It is Kain’s hope that her book will increase awareness and understanding of alternative families, including those with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered parents. Click here to read the full Parenting Times article about Kain and her book, Emlyn and the Gremlin.

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