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Funk up your February

on February 9, 2015

Bruno-Mars-Uptown-Funk-Images-540x303I had to laugh when my 10-year-old daughter came home with a story about her teacher the other day.

Apparently one of her classmates was singing the uber-popular song, ‘Uptown Funk’ and the teacher said, “Please, please tell me that song says ‘funk you up.'” When the student confirmed that yes indeed, the lyrics were “funk you up” – as opposed to the wash-your-mouth-out-with-soap alternative – he breathed an audible sigh of relief. I laughed to hear that because I had pretty much the exact same reaction the first time I heard the song with the kids in the back seat of the car!

BeavertailNow that the song has passed the sniff test, I have to admit that I’ve been quite enjoying listening to it whenever it hits Sirius XM – which seems to be quite often. It’s one of those crazy-catchy tunes that just lifts your mood and gets you moving. The video is pretty cool, too – there’s something about seeing Bruno Mars in old lady curlers that makes me smile; he has such an uncanny resemblance to Michael Jackson in my mind. Such a lithe, nimble, natural performer.

So I have to give Bruno Mars a bit of credit for perking up my February, which has been a snow-filled, deep freeze of a month in Ottawa so far. This has never been my favourite time of the year, so I look for the good in the little things – like a song I love – to get me through the days where it’s dark when I leave for work and (nearly) dark when I finish my commute home again.

Here are some other happy things that help me funk up my February:

  • treating myself to a cappuccino (the café in my office building just installed these state-of-the-art coffee machines and are trying to promote them, so cappuccino sells for less than the price of a regular coffee at Tim Hortons!)
  • snuggle time with my two little girls (I try to inhale the smell of their hair and skin without them noticing)
  • homemade oatmeal-and-M&M cookies (that’s right…M&Ms!)
  • weekend naps on the couch (enough said)
  • sugar-and-cinnamon Beavertails after skating on the Rideau canal (yummm!)
  • sweat-inducing runs on the treadmill (to work off the aforementioned cappuccinos, cookies and Beavertails)
  • watching ‘Breaking Bad’ with my husband and a glass of wine (please don’t tell us what happens…we’re almost done the series)

Do many of my pick-me-ups seem to involve food? Perhaps they do, but you’ve got to make it through winter somehow, right? It might as well be as tasty a month as it is cold.

So those are some of my February secrets. Now tell me, what’s making you smile at this time of year?

3 responses to “Funk up your February

  1. Geoff says:

    You’re a hip, cool mom. When I was a kid my father would refer to my preferred music as “noise”. As with many things my parents did and said, I swore I would never dis’ my children’s musical choices. Alas, I couldn’t have presaged the rise to ubiquity of the insidious pop, rap, hip-hop, urban (what’s the difference between the last three anyway?), techno-dance and cross-over country genres. Not the point of your post, but given that circumstances are doing the wash-the-mouth-with-soap version of the song to my February, I felt safest commenting on that. Good to see another post, Sonia. All the best.

    • Hey Geoff! Great to hear from you – thanks for your note! 🙂 Thanks for calling me hip and cool…not sure that my kids would agree…ha ha! Well, music is a funny thing, isn’t it? I suppose the “older generation” (I fear I’m part of that now!) will always criticize and think things are much worse than they were back in *their* day. We only want the best for our kids, after all. Hope you and your family are surviving the winter…we’ll have to try for another coffee sometime in 2015! 🙂

      • Geoff says:

        Your kids should agree. A great idea – let’s try the coffee thing some time. Kate would really like to meet you, too.

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