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Under the Tyranny of Vegetables (Edible Ottawa)

on May 10, 2016

TomatoesSpring came late to the party in Ottawa this year – which makes it all the sweeter. This past weekend, I started scratching around in my backyard for the first time. I pulled a few weeds and dragged out the patio furniture, but mostly stood with my face turned to the sun, reveling in the warmth I’ve been missing all winter. I have a modest little veggie patch, and I’m already dreaming about the fresh herbs and juicy tomatoes I’ll be enjoying in a few months. Mmmm…Caprese salad, anyone??

Ottawa’s spring thaw must surely have Madeleine Maltby breathing a sigh of relief. Maltby and her partner, Matthew Mason-Phillips, are the urban farmers behind a great little business called Britannia Backyard Edibles. The ambitious pair will be cultivating “borrowed” garden plots around the city, generating high yields in small areas.

I had the pleasure of meeting Maltby and Mason-Phillips last winter, when they told me all about their business model and vision for organic community gardening. Read the full article, ‘Under the Tyranny of Vegetables‘ in Edible Ottawa magazine. Their love for fresh produce is the perfect inspiration for breaking some new ground this season.

3 responses to “Under the Tyranny of Vegetables (Edible Ottawa)

  1. Geoff says:

    What an excellent concept. We often plant a few herbs and veggies, but not looking like it’s going to happen this year. I’ll have to run out and get the magazine, maybe find inspiration.

    • Pretty neat, isn’t it Geoff? They definitely inspired me to maximize the space I have! Hope you find your inspiration to get out in the dirt and get your hands dirty…hard to get going with this chilly weather though!

  2. such a great concept!! i’m planting a few things this year, just wish I had room for more. I love me a good Caprese salad with all the summer’s fresh bounty. I’ll look for this in the next issue, haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Thanks for sharing 😀

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